Commitment is much more than a promise to do something. Commitment is a state of mind. It is a key mental component that is a vital part of every team member in our company. If we say we are going to do it, then will we do it! If we say we can and you hire us to do it, then we will! It is part of our culture here and it is a standard that is applied to every officer, Manager and every employee that makes up this organization. Our effort is unparalleled in our industry. We will out plan, outwork and outshine our competitors on every project we take on. Tri-Point Construction has never signed a contract and not finished the work that was contracted in the history of this company. It is because our relationships with our clients is considered to be the most important ingredient to our success as a company. It is essential to us that we deliver the project that we were hired to build, safely, on time and on budget as we promised. Expect Level 3 commitment from everyone on our team to make this happen on every job we take on.


Our company is focused on being the best in our industry at providing Tier 1 customer service. This includes performing at the highest levels on every project. Our company is led by some of the most seasoned professionals in this industry. Performing at a high level starts at the top and it ends with every single individual on every project. Exceeding expectations is our goal on every project we take on. Setting the bar above the expectation is the target on every Tri-Point project team before the project starts. Extensive planning, construct-ability, internal daily project meetings and on site quality control and schedule reviews are just some of the tools that we utilize to help us outperform our competitors. If you hire Tri-Point Construction expect Professionalism and a high degree of efficiency on every project.


Quality assurance and delivering a quality project is essential to the suces of every project we deliver. It is the foundation of everything we do here. It is a vital component of the safety aspect of the product we deliver, the service and functionality of the product we deliver and the life span and maintenance that may be required of the product that we deliver. The Tri-Point Construction team of managers have a broad base of experience in many markets that encompass many divisions of work. This combined with our experienced and skilled craftsmen and self-performing capabilities give us an edge on competition as we self-perform most or all of our projects. This gives us the ability to control and manage the quality aspects of our projects internally. We have completed over a hundred million dollars in contracted work in the past 15 years of business. We have developed relationsips with some of the largest companies in the USA by building trust and confidence based on quality projects delivered consistently. It is our goal on every project to not only deliver a quality project but to deliver a project that the client is proud of.