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Bobby Daniel

Three Core Values... Commitment, Quality and Performance

Tri-Point Construction is a forward thinking construction company. Our focus is on building great things by putting together teams, projects, and an overall on-time plan for success. Exceeding expectations is always a priority. We bring a proactive and progressive approach to every project.

Tri-Point Construction adds innovation to the conventional construction process. We combine traditional, hands-on experience with the newest technology and inventive techniques to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. From pre-construction to close-out, we will bring your vision to life!



About Us

At Tri-Point Construction customer satisfaction is our primary focus. It is more than just a statement, it is our mantra. We feel three key components must be present to achieve customer satisfaction. Commitment, Performance and Quality. We feel Commitment is more than just a contractual obligation, it’s putting everything you have both physical and mental to accomplishing the task. It is proving through your actions that “doing what you say you will do” is more than just a coined phrase. It is a key ingredient to your credibility. Performance that exceeds the expectation of the commitment to our clients is our objective on every project. No matter the size or value. Every job is treated the same. Quality is part of our culture here. We strive to deliver the kind of work on every job that not only satisfies our client but makes them proud. These three key components have become our core values here. We have included them in our logo to display to our clients and our competitors that this is who we are and what we represent.

Tri-Point Construction is an innovator and a leader in the general contracting industry. We provide professional services in the Commercial, Industrial and Municipal markets. We carry both Construction licenses and Elect Licenses in multiple states. Our clients vary from some of the largest companies in the country to the small entrepreneurs. Our diversification and willingness to meet our clients’ needs make us a perfect choice for most general contracting projects here local in Houston, elsewhere in the state of Texas or other states as well.

The Tri-Point Construction Team has several hundred years of construction experience and expertise combined among us. We take a team approach to every project with our client being our team captain. We feel the synergy with our team and the client is a key ingredient to ultimate project success. The following key individuals oversee the important daily operations utilizing their combined experience.

Bobby Daniel
Owner/Operations Manager
281.415.6712 (cell)

Curtis Fleming
Construction Superintendent
281.748.8133 (cell)

Jerry Cruz
Construction Superintendent
713.816.1349 (cell)

Jordan Harvey
Project Controls
832.414.0810 (cell)

Andrew Vasquez
Construction Supervisor
281.832.1398 (cell)
avasquez@tripointconstruction.comRene Wu
Estimator/Project Manager
New Business Development
832.405.9181 (cell)

David Barth
Electrical Superintendent
713.409.4664 (cell)

Tracey Frediani
281.548.7440 (office)

Sevron Daniel
Construction Supervisor
281.659.6009 (cell)

Ken Emiliano
Construction Supervisor
281.659.6086 (cell)